Serviced Office VS Conventional Office Space

It is proven that office space has direct impact to business performance. Business decision makers will think of office space and location as their strategic tool for business growth. While leased office is a popular option for many businesses, a couple alternatives are available for many companies to take a more flexible choice. Serviced offices are now becoming very attractive for businesses from start up to branches of multinational firms that require smaller spaces while conventional office space is a choice for larger enterprises.


Serviced Office

Most if not all of Serviced Offices are fully furnished, equipped and have staff available to provide reception service and business support to cater client’s business need on a flexible term and little to no set up cost. Client’s expense will be based on number of workstations and office size they are renting. Common area such as reception area and pantry are available without extra charge. Facility such as meeting rooms that businesses use occasionally will be available on pay per use basis.
Monthly service fee will be billed from serviced office operator in 1 invoice includes rent, service charge, phone (excluding phone usage), Internet, drinks and cleaning at an agreed fixed amount so that business have high control over their facility expenses.


Conventional Office

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Office space are usually non-furnished and rented out for fixed terms of 3 years. Unit sizes are available from 100 sqm. Businesses will be investing on fitting out, furniture, IT and phone systems which will need at least 3 months for procurement, design, fitting out and equipment installation and will need to restore the space back to hand over condition on exit.
Monthly expenses will be from several parties including rent, service fee from landlord, electricity, water, IT maintenance, Internet, phone, cleaning and security.


Which one is to go for?

when everything is taken into consideration, what type of office space benefits the business most will come down to unique conditions of each business.

Serviced office will be your great choice if you don’t want to commit long term lease but still want service support and facilitates that professional offices have so that you can focus on your core business and have professional team take care of the facility for you.

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